Become an Ambassador

Are you Interested in Becoming an Ambassador? 

First and foremost, thank you! We feel privileged that you are interested in being a part of this fast growing MTVD Family. 
Do you feel you have a unique way of motivating + inspiring your followers? If so, we would love to have you join us!

Our main focus is to motivate all-around well being through health + fitness. There are many who watch you day in and day out via social media that you already have an impact on. 

With all of us working together it is our belief that we can change the game. Let's take this journey together as we build a community of individuals focused on making each other the best versions of themselves. 

What do you get as an ambassador?

  • You will receive 40% off all MTVD products as long as you are an ambassador.
  • An opportunity to earn commission —You will be assigned your own unique Coupon Code that you can use and give out to friends and family. When someone makes a purchase using your code, we will pay you 10% of whatever they purchased. You can also contact us directly if you would like more coupon codes associated with your account.
  • Payment will be on the fifth of each month for the previous month’s code usage.
What are the requirements?
  • Follow @mtvdfit for important updates
  • Include that you are MTVD Brand Ambassadors in their social media profiles.
  • Post twice a month on Instagram and/or Facebook with MTVD product in the picture.
  • Post one video each month on Instagram and/or Facebook using MTVD product.
  • Use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same: #mtvdfitBrandAmbassador #mtvdfit #motivatedfitness #mtvdfitambassador
  • Wear, promote, and share MTVD product as often as convenient.
  • Write a review on MTVD Amazon pages for each product that they own.
  • Contribute content to MTVD email at for personal and MTVD use

If you feel like you are ready to join the cause, redefine your own wellness journey and motivate others to do the same, please fill out the questions below and send it to to get the process started:

  1. Name
  2. Instagram page name
  3. Best way to contact (Email or Phone Number)
  4. Address
  5. How you would like your form of payment (Paypal or Venmo)
  6. Paypal/Venmo Username 

After you receive your 40% off discount you can order any number of our products to start promoting. For your peace of mind, the agreement won't start until you have purchased the products you'd like to promote, with your 40% discount code. 

We are really excited to have you as a part of this team and can't wait to see everything we can do together here at Motivated Fitness!