Gym Selfie iPhone Case

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  • The Anti Gravity Phone Case that can stick to almost any surface through nano suction technology. Such as glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car GPS, and most smooth, flat surfaces.
  • Can be used to time intervals in your workouts.
  • Can be used to take pictures.
  • Can be used to take videos.

User Guide

  • Before using, remove the transparent plastic on the function surface.
  • If the function surface gets dirty, just simply wash it with clean water, and the quality remains the same.
  • This case works perfectly with most smooth surface like Glass, Wood, Whiteboard, Metal, Computer Screen… so please make sure your surface is clean and smooth before put the case on.
  • Our case does NOT stick to dry wall, it is physically impossible for suction cups to stick to dry wall for various technical reasons.

*Gym Selfie Case is not liable for damage incurred to any phone

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